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Linux Web Hosting Solutions
Linux Web Hosting Solutions

Adaptable Digits can register domain names for anyone, but can only host domain names for those clients with Adaptable Digits Web Hosting accounts. (Hosting is included with your commercial account) We will register your new domain name(s) through NameIT Corporation for you. See Price List

What does a domain name do for me or my business?

A domain name is primarily used as a marketing tool. When trying to establish a name for your business or organization, you want people to be able to remember who you are. If you were to set up your commercial or non-profit web site with a web hosting company, your base web address, or URL (Universal Resource Locator), you be something like:
Depending on the URL of your hosting company and the directory name you choose, this web address could become long and non-intuitive. Having your own internet address to the effect of:
would provide an easy-to-remember address for people. This helps you not only in terms of increased visits to your website, but also aids word-of-mouth advertising.

What about Virtual Email?

Having a domain name permits you to use a feature known as "virtual e-mail". This feature is a terrific marketing tool that works in conjunction with your web address in providing full-circle brand name advertising. Whether you have a couple of local offices or offices spread across 3 states, virtual e-mail provides the feeling that you are all connected and functioning together, because you share the same base e-mail address.
For example, let's say that Suzy in Office-A has the e-mail address "suzyq@aol.com", and Bob from Office-B (an entire state away) has the address "bob@superspeed.com", and the President of the company has yet another e-mail address from his local provider, "ThePres@localhost.net". Wouldn't it be nice if all of you had the same common e-mail address?

The solution? The company purchases the domain name: ourbusiness.com, and now...
Suzy's e-mail is: Suzy@ourbusiness.com, and
Bob's e-mail is: Bob@ourbusiness.com, and
the president's is: ThePrez@ourbusiness.com
How does it work? Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) sets up a configuration on their system for your domain name so that the rest of the world will recongnize your web site address and your virtual e-mail addresses.

In Adaptable Digits case, we set up virtual web & e-mail forwarding .We configure our server to recognize your domain name for use with a virtual web site and virtual e-mail. We then tell our server to "link" your domain name with a physical address.

The virtual web address is configured to recognize http://www.mybusiness.com as belonging to a physical web directory on the Adaptable Digits server: http://www.adaptabledigits.net/mybusiness.

The virtual e-mail addresses are likewise configured to recognize your true e-mail address: Suzy@ourbusiness.com ===> suzyq@aol.com

Thus, when someone requests your web address or sends an e-mail to your virtual e-mail address. Adaptable Digits makes the necessary connections based on your configuration, and voila, your domain name functions as your own unique marketing tool.

What does a mean to "Park a Domain"?

Once you have decided to obtain a domain name for your new website, it is best to register it as soon as you can. (If not, you may find that someone else has taken the name for themselves) Once you register the name, it should have a physical address. If you register your domain name through Adaptable Digits, we will "Park" your domain name for you for a one time setup fee and no monthly charge.

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