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Before you approach a designer, you should give some thought to the items presented below. Your forethought will result in much more enjoyable interaction with your designer, facilitate the knowledge you gain through the process, and result in a more time efficient completion of your web presence. We deeply appreciate the care and time you take to be involved in the creation of your site, before the blueprints ever hit the table.

Things you can do to facilitate the creation process:
  • Spend time looking at other websites that are in the same "family" as your business.

    Observe how the sites are "laid out", how they navigate, the color schemes, the number of pages, whether they use e-mail forms or online credit card forms, whether they use search tools to find things in the site, product or informational databases, etc.

  • After looking at some other sites, note what elements or features you really like or dislike. Perhaps looking at the other pages generated some new, snazzy ideas for you? Bring them to the table!

  • Gather any business materials that you might have; company photos, brochures, pamphlets of information, company logos, calendars of events, etc. and bring them to the meeting you'll have with your designer.

    This really helps your designer to form a feeling or theme for your site early on, so that when it comes time to develop your site, your prototype(s) may be generated more quickly.

  • Be clear about your intentions and be honest about the time you'll have to devote to the project.

    Let your designer know whether this is "just for your information", or whether you're committed to moving forward now with the project. We are always willing to respect your time constraints and to cooperate with you in getting the job done. We ask for your consideration in return. We put our heart into making sure we "don't drop the ball" and thus we try to maintain vigilant contact with you. Our purpose is not to "hound" you, but to make sure that a project doesn't drag on for weeks on end. This is especially true of projects "done by committee". Please, please always let us know if your time table changes and when we can reasonably expect your input. In this way, each of us can make the best use of our time while we wait for the project to roll forward again. We thank you heartily in advance for your kind consideration in this.

  • Try to be prompt in getting materials, revisions and any other miscellaneous input to your designer when it is requested.

  • If you have questions, please ask. We believe in a "wholistic" approach to creating your site. We want you to be as excited about it as we are, and knowledge is the best route to appreciation. We're happy to answer your questions, and if you give us a stumper, we'll do our best to find the answer!
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